Can you write about excitement and jubilation? Submissions open for the e-zine published by Epoque Press

Information courtesy of Bridget Whelan šŸ˜ƒ


Photocredit: Silentpilot from Pixabay

Epoque Press is a small, but perfectly formed independent publishing company that promotes new literary and creative talent through their main publishing imprint and an online ezine.

For their next edition of the ezine (their 10th) they have chosen a theme that celebrates the sense ofĀ ecstasy. Itā€™s the feelingĀ that comes with new beginnings, ā€œthe excitement, abandon and jubilation that is engendered through the celebration of new opportunities and the intoxicating rush of rapture and delirium that intoxicates us with a feeling of euphoria.ā€Ā 

Photo Credit:Ā Vasily KolodaĀ onĀ Unsplash

They want:

poetry, short stories and short essays ā€“ no more than 2000 words
Submit your work in an attachment to the email as a MS Word Document. You should also add a short bio (no more than 100 words)

visual arts, music & spoken word
photography, other visual art mediums (captured as an electronicā€¦

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