Maid of all work

There’s always a slight risk when mendicants start thinking for themselves 😱

Tallis Steelyard

Not everything that goes wrong is the fault of Maljie. Now I realise some people hold as an article of faith that Maljie is the source of all the troubles that beset us. Yet it has to be accepted that people are entirely capable of going astray without Maljie’s gentle hand on their shoulder, pushing them. I tell this story mainly to prove, at some vague and existential level, Maljie’s comparative innocence. Admittedly some have pointed the finger claiming that her very attitude is infectious and has somehow become inculcated in the mendicants. Let us, for once, be fair here. I would suggest that we all try to encourage the mendicants into attitudes of self-reliance and resourcefulness. Maljie can hardly be expected to take the entire blame when this programme displays signs of abundant success.

The problem arose among the mendicants because of others behaving badly. The Shrine of Aea…

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