Pieces of an Adventuring Party

Any list containing a character who has stealth, weapons, lice, and a pungent aroma, has GOT to be worth checking out 😃

Legends of Windemere

D&D Party

Fantasy adventures commonly have groups of heroes even if only one of them is the primary antagonist.  A challenge for any author is to piece one together that is effective and interesting.  You can go with all warriors or all casters, but most times you’ll find a variety of abilities.  That’s because the more skills and abilities you have, the more challenges you can throw at them.  So, it pays to know the roles that can be held in an adventuring party:

  • Warrior–  I have weapon and I kill things.
  • Barbarian/Brute Warrior–  I have weapon and I kill things better . . . I no think good.
  • Trained Caster–  I’ve studied to hurl fireballs at things.
  • Untrained Caster–  I can just hurl fireballs without trying.
  • The Archer–  Betting I’m either an elf, half-elf, or a woman.
  • Friendly Priest–  Healing and destroying undead.

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