FAME HAS ITS DOWNSIDE – A Book Promo, by Lucinda Clarke…

Now, I can’t speak from personal experience – except when I worked on radio and occasionally a few demented fans jostled to get my autograph. And, for a short while in India, when I was accosted for selfies. Barb Taub had warned me which was just as well as DH (Dear Husband) might have taken the odd swing or two as his wife was swept off for yet another cell phone flash among a group of happy Indians who, in years to come, will probably sit wondering who the hell I was.

In my latest book I thought I would take a trip into dreamland and write a blockbuster, yes, from one of the mythical Big 5 and then follow it up with an offer from Hollywood.


Well, not for me of course but my most popular character from A Year in the Life of series…  Belinda.

Leah inherited Belinda the stepdaughter from hell when she married Mason Brand. Co-operation does not feature in Belinda’s lexicon. At seventeen, she thinks she knows everything, and she’s always right. She’s rude, sassy and swears like a trooper.

Now she has her own story to tell, but as a fully-fledged grown up at age 24, she does know everything and she’s about to hit the big time.

There are two problems. The new award-winning author has a dark secret, and someone knows and is threatening to expose her. Her life would be ruined and there is no one she can turn to.

All books in the series are on sale @ $/£ 0.99 and best read in order as the story of the Brand family unfolds over the years.

A fast-paced, page-turning psychological thriller that will keep you glued to the pages far into the night.




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