Lunar Boogie #NewBook by C.S. Boyack

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Today I’m very pleased to welcome Lisa Burton, C.S. Boyack’s robot assistant to my blog. As Craig’s spokeperson, she is here to tell you all about his latest book. So without further delay here’s Lisa.

Thanks for having me back, John. I’ve been sequestered out at the writing cabin for a long time. Robot girls can’t get viruses, but I’m supposed to fit in when I go out. I don’t like masks and bleach wipes. Ordering things on Amazon just isn’t the same as a good shopping spree. I’m sooo grateful that you invited me over to chat.

I’m here, because Craig has a new book out. It’s called “Lunar Boogie,” and it’s number four in The Hat Series. This time, Lizzie and the hat are on the trail of a werewolf.

My poster for this visit involves this beautiful sapphire ring. It turns out to be the most valuable…

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