7 Tips to Designing Fictional Inventions

Legends of Windemere

Not sure how else to explain this one because it doesn’t always come up in a story.  You might not have to design anything new for your world.  Then again, you might have to come up with something since a modern device makes no sense for the cultures and tech that you already have.  Can’t have a toilet without indoor plumbing after all.  Well, you could if you tweaked things.  Still, it’s best to have some kind of plan and that isn’t easy even with gnomes.

  1. Consider your starting technology level before you settle on an idea.  If you’re sticking with strict medieval European standards then you aren’t going to be moving far away from those.  This is because of the mindset of those who live in your world.  They won’t jump from water wheels to nuclear fusion.  Advancements need to be logical and not leap too far ahead of…

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