The Danger of Self-Rejection (And Tricks on How to Battle it) – Royaline Sing…

on Fiction University:

Sometimes, writers can be their own worst enemy. Royaline Sing shares her story of self-rejection, and how she overcame it to achieve her dream of publication.


Joyce Carol Oates once said, “The great enemy of writing is interruption.”

How right she is.

Even before I put pen to paper (or my fingers on the laptop) my first thought was, I can’t write this. Once I did write a scene, I thought, no way I can finish the novel. That’s for the professionals.

Did the worry stop? Nope.

No way I can show this to anyone. Who would read it?

No way I can edit it. What’s the point?

Then came querying, he Bhagwan, that dreadful querying! Why torture myself with that soul-sucking process? I will be rejected anyway.

Self-publishing? It sounds daunting. I absolutely cannot do it.

Every step of the way, I found a way to self-reject. Ironic, since every writer has a world-changing story in their work, dramatically rising, powerful, full of emotions. But they hesitate to bring their own creation to light.

I’ll insist you not do this.

But how? Know why you’re self-rejecting in the first place.

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