Having a ball?

Maljie trips the light fantastic 😃

Tallis Steelyard

Every so often the city is swept with a passion for masked balls. Those of us who have seen it all before sigh, retrieve the mask we placed carefully at the back of the drawer after the last time, and get on with the endless task of supporting our patrons.

The purveyors of new clothing obviously circle more closely around the pocket books of fathers and husbands. If a lady is of independent means, then her thinking is more nuanced, but not so who control the finances of a husband. His wife and daughters point out that as the purpose of the masked ball is anonymity, they obviously cannot wear the same dress twice otherwise people will recognise them. Suggestions that a maid ‘refresh’ a dress in a novel and interesting manner are dismissed as unworthy of him, and with his defences crumbling, he capitulates.

For himself the gentleman adopts…

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