It’s all Muttwits four-legs action today 😱


At that moment a horrendous scritching pricks the earflaps of all fourlegs across Herdwick pooping park.

“where’sTommy,where’smyTommy“ Tommylegs packmom is scritching“TOM-EEEEE!“

To the absolute bemusement of Giblets and Tuffy, the scritching packmom is wobbling ‘round abouts in circles, handpaws waving up and down lyk a flaplegs.

Woaa, can hindlegs fly? Giblet stops scratching plum bobs and hoping against hope to witness a scritching hindlegs flap into the sky and right out of Herdwick pooping park.

Corss they can Tuffy’s muffled grunt answers from between his own legs.


Even OldSchool is in on the action, wobbling ‘round abouts with Tommy’s packmom, eyeballing under park benches and inside rubbish bins.

Wotz the ag? Nutz pulls his snout out the bin liner, smeared with nosh.

Tommyleg’s gone missing pants Boltz in shock.

No, he ain’t, bruv Nutz explains patiently he’s scritching with that same hindlegs wot needs his plum bobs gnawed…

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