6 Must Have Resources for Editing Your Novel

Uninspired Writers

Editing is such a vital, and long, stage of the novel writing process. Personally, it’s my favourite stage. I love turning my early words and ideas into something stronger. Without a doubt, there are some essentials tools and resources that I use to get me through. Take a look;

Research tools
In the draft stage, it’s important not to get distracted, and researching as you go can lead you down a rabbit hole. But when editing, it’s the time to fill in the gaps. Research tools might include books, internet resources, or documentaries. This can be to find facts, to add authenticity to settings, or develop characters.

Pen and paper
If you’re editing on your laptop, keep pen and paper at your side too. You might come up with ideas for chapters further on, or think of questions you need to answer. Jotting this down as you go can help…

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