Base insinuations

Stattan, is a violist of note, but his services come with strings attached 😎

Tallis Steelyard

At least I know where I stand with musicians. I divide them quite simply into three groups. The smallest group is the competent and useful. They are the ones who you can trust. Explain what you are trying to achieve and they will work with you. They will draw on their experience to suggest improvements which enhance the performance and show both of you in an excellent light. These may be the smallest group, but they are to be treasured. Should your patron sink so far as to express a desire to have music, this is the group you draw from.

The second, slightly larger group is the competent and artistic. Yes they can do the job, but frankly they will worry far more about trivia. At some point they will stop and suggest that this chord sequence is ‘more authentic’ than that chord sequence. Or perhaps they have decided…

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