New Journey in Dead of Winter

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

DoW 3 Lion Lamb promo

Hello, my chuckaboos! Welcome to my sanctuary.  

Ever since the night that March roared in, chaos has ruled my life.  Balderdash — you just wouldn’t believe… it’s been like a bad TV movie.  No.. It’s been like a bad TV movie from the 80s, or whatever decade you feel the worst television programs were made. Among other bad things, I was tangling with bureaucracy, and they were fighting dirty. 

Anyhow, writing “The Delta Pearl” takes focus, and I haven’t any left (or energy for that matter).  So this is my version of a Gone Fishin’ sign.  Well, dash my wig!  Now I want fish & chips, and along with focus, that’s another thing I don’t have.

On the bright side, the monthly novelettes of Dead of Winter are still on schedule.  Now, Journey 3, the Fever Field is available at Amazon ( will be…

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