One last blow for freedom

Wagan doesn’t blow his own trumpet 😂

Tallis Steelyard

Wagan Tarp was one of those gentlemen you instinctively warm to. He had led, for a soldier, a largely blameless life. He had risen to the rank of sergeant, leading crossbowmen across Partann and even onto the Red Steppe. Yet somehow he also married and was a loyal husband and devoted father to three children. As he grew older, sleeping on the ground in the rain lost whatever appeal it ever had. He was lucky in that various small towns wanted watch sergeants to keep their watchmen up to the mark. Hence he was intimately familiar with many of the small towns of Partann. But finally he realised that even this was getting a bit much for him, so he drifted back into Port Naain. Given his wife had died some years earlier, he had intended to just find lodgings somewhere. At this point his youngest daughter stepped in and…

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