The Swamp

Do NOT read this just before bedtime 😱

Andrew Joyce


Howdy, folks. I’m here with another one of my hitchin’ adventures. I’ve written about this one back a few years ago, but I’ve cut out all the superfluous words and the hyperbole in this version. Just the unadorned facts this time ’round.

Before we get started, I got something to say. When reading these stories, you may think these adventures happened all the time while I was on the road. Well, that’s not true. I was on the road five years and most of it was pretty mundane. Just moving around and meeting new people. Things did happen, but not every event was a full story’s worth. Like the time I was kidnapped by a woman because she was tired of being lonely. When I “escaped” from her, I ran into the heir of the Coca-Cola fortune. He had rebelled from his wealth and privilege and bought an old school…

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5 thoughts on “The Swamp

  1. Great story!
    Only once did I pick up a hitchhiker, back in the old days, in Canada, a place where “everyone” was safe. The young guy with a camping backpack strapped to his back seemed nice.
    After accepting my ride and getting into my car, I accelerated back onto the 401 at a high rate of speed when the hood of my little Toyota Celica flipped up, blocking all vision through the windshield. I maintained an attitude of calmness and used my side mirrors to navigate to the shoulder where I got out of the car to secure the lid down.
    My hitchhiker got out of the car as well and declined to go any further with me. I wonder if he ever thinks about that ride with the crazy lady in the Toyota Celica.

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