Islands across the sky

When Tallis goes down to the woods today, he certainly gets a surprise 😳😱

Tallis Steelyard

I wonder at what stage even a poet realises it is time to be sensible? When does adulthood creep over us? It was not long ago, I was in northern Partann. This wasn’t one of my usual mad escapades, slipping out of the city to avoid creditors or those who thought I’d gratuitously insulted them. Indeed, as an aside I feel the latter particularly strongly. As if I would ever gratuitously insult somebody. If I insult somebody it is entirely reasonable, relevant and necessary.
But no, in this case I was in Northern Partann because a patron of mine had retired to the family estate for the summer. I had organised a summer birthday party for his wife and next day I set off to walk back to Port Naain. The weather was fine, I had been generously recompensed by the grateful couple, and had been given a perfectly adequate…

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