Reasons to try your hand at writing for children

Uninspired Writers

When it comes to writing, you’re likely to find your preferred genre, and find yourself writing for a certain audience. Of course, genre is a fairly loose term and there are sub-categories within each one, but let’s strip it right back. For example, I predominantly write thrillers. But there’s a lot to learn and enjoy when you step out of your comfort zone and try something else.

In particular, I think all of us who write for adults should try our hand at writing for children at some point. There are a number of options within this too. You may try writing books for very young children, for school aged kids or for teenagers. Within that, you’ll find yet mote sub-categories. That’s your choice! I tend to find myself writing fantasy when I write children’s books, perhaps a throwback to my own childhood favourites? Whatever you choose – do it!…

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