Wednesday Writing — Cat Seeds

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Group II. Valentine Cat Flower BoxGroup II. Valentine Cat Flower Box

Yes, that’s another of my Designed & Ready Book Covers.   I held back on using it for myself because I wanted to show it as an example of my portfolio. However, it did inspire a short-short story.  I’m sharing that today as an early Valentine from me to all of you.

Cat Seeds

Joel Santana at PixabayJoel Santana at Pixabay

“Did they grow yet, Auntie?” demanded my exuberant niece as she barreled through the doorway.

“It’s nice to see you too, Sweetpea.  I take it your mom doesn’t have time to come in,” I replied in a sardonic voice.

I gave my sister a quick hug where she stood with one foot on the threshold and the other still outside.  A spa day was my gift to her.  A day with my niece was her gift to me.

My niece had…

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