A Fictional World History: Do You Need It?

Legends of Windemere

It’s not always clear if you need to create a world history, especially when you’re doing fantasy.  Sure, you may think it’s necessary because that’s what all of the big names have done.  We know so much about Middle Earth, Oz, Narnia, etc. in regards to what happened prior to the adventures.  Some events get their own books while others are simply told.  It really makes it appear as if a thorough world history is needed to even attempt the genre.  Though, is it really?

The truth is that it depends on your story.  I’d love to say that it couldn’t hurt, but there’s the chance that it can.  If your story focuses entirely on a current event that has no attachment to the world’s history then you shouldn’t be dredging up the past.  You need enough to establish that this world has existed for longer than the story is…

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