Ignorant vs. Stupid – What’s the Difference?

on Writing Explained:

One of the most entertaining uses for language is to communicate to other people the exact degree of their intellectual failings. William Shakespeare set a high bar for creative insults in the 16th century, and, since then, English users have continued to find new and exciting ways to express disdain.

Still, the old standbys are perennially effective. Stupid and ignorant have stood the test of time, but do they mean exactly the same thing?

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5 thoughts on “Ignorant vs. Stupid – What’s the Difference?

  1. OMG!!! I can’t even “like” this.

    The author is right on target about the word “ignorance.” That, I can “like.” However, I work with people who have developmental disabilities. Some are in their 70’s and 80’s and still remember being called imbecile, stupid, and idiot, for those were the words used to describe intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities.

    To this day, I cannot use those 3 words at work.

    Dumb was used to describe people who were deaf and couldn’t talk: “He’s deaf & dumb.”

    Please wait another 20 years to re-imaging the older words. By that time, all of us who remember history will be dead.

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      • She tried, and did well with the word “ignorant.”

        I have battled people (including my “better half”) wth the wrong usage of the word “stupid” and some days it makes me just want to scream. You have an excellent blog. My apologies for the virtual screams that came out of my mind at that moment.

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