The long arm of the past

A touching Tallis Tale ❤️

Tallis Steelyard

It is many years since I last saw Eltan Door, Lord of the Golden Keep. It is strange, I only met him by accident. I was very young and had just started trying to support myself as a poet. When I look back at the things I did, the work I produced, I astound myself that I survived. But still the work was good, even if it lacks the maturity of my later work, and when it came to supporting my patrons, I was loyal. This is something others couldn’t claim.

Still I was struggling for work, my patrons were few and my meals infrequent. Then I got a letter claiming to come from Eltan Door, Lord of the Golden Keep. He invited me to perform for his court during the coming solstice festivities. A quite respectable sum of money was mentioned, as was the fact I would be there…

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