A mountain to climb

Maljie learns the secret of success 😃

Tallis Steelyard

People do ask me how one becomes a temple warden. It is at times like this that I put on my most learned expression and hint that it involves not merely moral excellence but also deep theological insights and the achievement of a higher spiritual level of existence. In all candour this is not entirely true. Whilst these qualifications do not disqualify you, frankly, merely not being present at the meeting when they were looking for volunteers suffices.

But it was not always so. Yes in these modern, decayed days, when anything goes and young people have turned their backs on the innocent amusements of our youth (wine, lascivious dancing and brawling in public) even the high standard expected of temple wardens has fallen. But it was not so in the days of my youth. Indeed when somebody like Maljie felt called to become a temple warden matters were far…

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