A walk through a little bit of England on a bright and frosty Christmas morning

Christmas Morning on the Canals, with Ian 😃

(or was it Satan?)

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

I don’t generally indulge in the fad for “selfies” but the light shining through the bridge behind me rather insisted on this one. They do say that the Sun always shines on the righteous. This image just proves that the Sun perhaps needs to get itself to SpecThavers… since that can be the only reason for it to shine upon me!

I am not knock-kneed, and nor am I wearing a skirt or an over-sized tam o’shanter. It’s just that there are only so many ways in the space of a few seconds of arranging one’s limbs while taking a photograph and refraining from falling into the canal. Back a bit… back a bit more… sploosh.

The Cardinal and I moved again yesterday. This ice was forecast, and strong winds are – once again – on their way, and when I woke the madness was upon me. We serviced and…

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4 thoughts on “A walk through a little bit of England on a bright and frosty Christmas morning

    • It was indeed, although there was little wiggle-wroom on the towpath in which to pose – or even to juxtapose – myself. Mr Sun stayed low and barely rose higher all day. I empathised, and spent the afternoon in my armchair.

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  1. Thank’ee most kindly, sir! Today is in stark contrast to yesterday – today we have dulth and drear again, and only such sunshine as can filter through two thousand miles of cloud cover. Hey ho. Ho hum. Ho ho ho. 😉

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