Crossing Genres: #Fantasy & #Mystery

Legends of Windemere

Different Genres

Welcome back to the newest entry of crossing over genres.  Again, this is to show how advice for one can be used for another.  Of course, I’m always using Fantasy since that’s my wheelhouse.  I’ve done Romance and Horror/Thriller, but now is time for one that I’m not the best at.  So, I had to do extra research on this one, which is funny since I have used aspects of this genre in my own stories.  Which one is it?


Solving a Problem

Most, if not all, stories focus on solving some kind of problem.  In Fantasy, this can be finishing a quest, saving a kingdom, slaying a monster, or any number of challenges that make sense for the world.  You can have smaller problems appear as well such as traps or smaller villains that want to get in the way.  The method of solving…

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