Marketing for Those Who Hate to Market – Recording for You

Just in from my good friend, Valerie 😃

Valerie Ormond's Thoughts On...

I had the opportunity this month to present a marketing workshop with my fellow author and dear friend,Kathleen M. Rodgers. We did this as part of theMilitary Writers Society of America‘s (MWSA’s) new monthly online writing workshops and were thrilled with the number of people who attended and their active participation. MWSA presents these types of workshops as a benefit of MWSA membership. MWSA allows the people who present to share our workshops with our own networks. I hope some of you may be interested in this organization or learn something you didn’t already know. MWSA is open to active duty military, veterans, families, and those interested in telling military-related stories.

Please see Kathy’s wonderful blog post on the eventhere, which includes a link to the full presentation and a bit more about the event. Happy holidays, all!

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