Crossing Genres: #Fantasy & #Horror

More great tips from Charles 👍😃

Legends of Windemere

Different Genres

Welcome back to this month-long adventure where we talk about how advice for one genre can help for another.  Of course, these are only quick overviews because of time and space.  Today we’re going to discuss the similarities of:


Use of Monsters

This might seem like a simple one now that you look at it.  Fantasy uses monsters a lot for enemies, plot points, background, and all manner of uses.  The creatures that fill the fictional world are incredibly important to create a sense that you are no longer on Earth or in our reality.  You can delve into mythology to create your bestiary or design your own monsters to fill the niches as you approach them.  A key point is to make sure they work within their environment.  Even if they are only mentioned in passing, they need to fit into what you’re describing. …

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