How to Sneak Clues Past Your Readers and Keep Them Guessing – by Janice Hardy…

on Fiction University:

Some writers weave clues so seamlessly into a novel, we never even realize they’re there until they all converge in the end.
My subconscious is a better writer than I am. It drops in details and makes connections in my first drafts that I don’t see until the next draft—if at all.
Sometimes, it takes the sharp eyes of my critique group to spot the “clever things” I’ve written that I’m totally unaware of (grin).
I suspect your subconscious does this, too.
It’s only natural. Stories churn in our heads even when we aren’t consciously thinking about them. Our brains remember throwaway details and build on them without our input.
And when we make the connections, we get that rush and think, “oooo that is soooo cool.

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