How to Use a Cow’s Horn as a Paintbrush by Ronald Mackay

An interesting article, from Ronald Mackay 😃

Between Festivals: A Journal in Time of Pandemic and Lockdown

Photo by Andrea Leopardi from Unsplash

For reasons more obvious to a teenager than to an octogenarian, our grandchild stopped reading. We gifted him our favourite books. We took him to the bookstore so he might select a book of his choice. But he had stopped reading.

Taking a cue from his love of his i-Pad, I sought out links to science-based podcasts trying to match the interests he had displayed since he mastered mental arithmetic before he was five. His response suggests compliance rather than enthusiasm. I strive to insinuate myself into that adolescent mind to uncover why.


Tidying my study, I found the framed photograph of my grandmother. Tinted 1940’s style, it captures the Nanny who consoled us when we were overwhelmed by shined boots and slung rifles in foreign uniforms marching to Polish orders that needlessly alarmed us.

I search that face, those trust-inspiring eyes that…

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