Amazon is Actively Promoting Audiobook Exchanges as an Audible Subscription Feature

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I wasn’t going to touch this story because I thought at first that the claim was an exaggeration or misinterpretation, but I was wrong.

If you’ve been listening to the author grapevine over the past few weeks, you may have heardauthors griping about Audible’s return policy. While you can usually find someone griping about something, no matter the topic, this time authors have a valid complaint.

Amazon’s audiobook subsidiary is actively promoting exchanges to potential subscribers.

What do I mean by “actively”?

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5 thoughts on “Amazon is Actively Promoting Audiobook Exchanges as an Audible Subscription Feature

  1. I had an email from Audible a week or so ago to say they are now only treating these ‘swaps’ as returns in terms of author earnings if the return is within seven days, which IMHO is a realistic quality control issue.
    Of course, I’d still be disappointed if someone returned my audiobook for something else, but a lot of people are still circulating the old rules.

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  2. Good morning, For a number of years I did reviews on everything I read. I brought my e-books from Amazon. They have unwritten rules and apparently, I was doing something they didn’t like. When My email and WordPress were acting up. It has been almost a year and I am still upset with their monopoly on books. I still read the same amount (a book day). I now buy my books from Nook. There are some authors I no longer read can read as their books are only on Amazon, for personal reason will no longer knowingly buy from them. Their monopoly is almost complete. I wish you luck in your quest. . I read only e-books due to my eyes. I usually read a book a day, mostly mysteries, and no longer write reviews.
    Betty Louise

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