The Rattlestone Sisters of Philanthropy.

It’s amazing what you can make with carrots 😱

Tallis Steelyard

It is some years since I last performed in Rattlestone. Frankly I am not in good odour with the Sisters of Philanthropy. I will insist, to my dying day, that it was not my fault, but so be it.

Rattlestone is not a fashionable resort. It isn’t far from Port Naain, you can walk there in a day, but in the season there is a regular coach route. Although calling these lightly converted tumbrels, ‘coaches’ does stretch the truth somewhat. The village itself tended to attract those who have aspirations but little money. Rather than building themselves luxurious villas, the Naainese who colonised Rattlestone purchased small fishing cottages in the village itself.

The cottages tend to be inhabited for most of the summer, and even for spells in spring and autumn. It is likely to to be wives and children who spend their time in the village, husbands remain in…

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