Although we are usually happy and excited in Westley Piddle, some days can bring bad news. I do not want to cause any more distress but please read this to remember and appreciate how precious our lovely muttwits are.

Unfortunately, there has been a very destructive earthquake on the 30th of October in Izmir, a beautiful city in Turkey. Since then we have been holding our breaths as the rescue teams are saving lives from under the wrecks.

A trained rescue dog following the trails

I would like to mention the unspoken, furry heroes of the rescue teams; the muttwits. We have been getting lots of news about the rescue dogs saving most of the lives from the collapsed buildings. It is evident that dogs can smell and hear a lot better than humans thus, they have been working non-stop to find people and furry friends.

İzmir'deki depremin gizli kahramanları - B Gazete
Bob the German Shepherd…

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