Return of the Shadow of Monster Maker Fun: Creatures Donated by Victoria Zigler #October #Monsters

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Legends of Windemere

Frankenstein’s Lab

Welcome back again.  Today, we have 3 creatures donated by Victoria Zigler.  Let’s get right to the creation.  Just have to pull the switch and we’re good to go.


This adorable beast is found in the Untaluk region, which has thick forest and lush grasslands.  It has been domesticated by the locals to help with hunting because all of the local fauna are experts at hiding.  The Nifoxchu depends on senses other than sight to locate prey, which it happily shares with its family.  Its sense of smell is very acute and its nose extends half a foot from its tapered head.  They can catch the scent of a target from two miles away and continue tracking it as it closes in.  Even more powerful, its large, cupped ears can hear noises from five miles away.  To protect its eardrums, the Nifoxchu will split its long…

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