Letter Writing as a Powerful Prompt – by Stuart Horwitz…

on Jane Friedman site:

When Franz Kafka handwrote a 45-page letter to his father, he may not have been conscious that it would end up as a literary document to be studied through the ages. When Bob Dylan wrote a not-very-nice 20-page letter to an ex-girlfriend—whom he had the courtesy never to name—he probably didn’t know that he would end up extracting from it the lyrics to “Like a Rolling Stone.” But what these examples, and many more throughout history, show is the power of letter writing to benefit a wide variety of projects, from memoir to creative nonfiction to fiction.

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2 thoughts on “Letter Writing as a Powerful Prompt – by Stuart Horwitz…

  1. Letter writing certainly worked for me. After reading letters I sent to them about our new life in Zambia in the ’80s, my friends and family nagged me to ‘write a book about it’. Using parts of those letters, as well as expanding on them, I have so far written three books about our mostly crazy antics in Africa. And my normal chatty letter-writing style must have worked because one of the reviews of my first book reads ” I felt as if I was sitting with her and having a laugh over a cup of tea – or maybe a glass of wine!”

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