#WildLifeWednesday – “Furry Critters Part 1 – Those Squirrely Guys”

Let Nature help sooth you, or, go nuts with the squirrels 🐿🐿🐿

The Write Stuff

Happy #WildlifeWednesday, everybody!  Today, we’re taking a look at some of Central Florida’s furry critters, specifically squirrels, and I hope you’ll enjoy learning about the species we have in this part of the state. Again, I’m using some of the slides from my local PowerPoint presentation, so I can condense more info into less space. 

WARNING: This post has a LOT of images, but I decided not to split it into separate posts. The slides contain  a great deal of information, explanations, and fun tidbits. Feel free to read (and ask questions below) if you like, or simply enjoy the pictures, if that sort of data isn’t your thing.

Hope you’ll enjoy it all. Lots to cover today, including some facts and images that may surprise the heck outta you, so let’s get started.

Once again, how many squirrels does Central Florida have?

Let’s start with the very familiar Eastern…

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