Lost Without a Clue: Pt 1 – The Ebor House Story

On Cynthia’s original blog post, I recommend you follow the links at the bottom of this, and related articles, to get the full story 😃

Cynthia Reyes

I kid you not: I could get lost in a room.

So – naturally – I got lost while coming home from an appointment in a nearby town.

Blog Photo - Bond Head main street

The key to getting lost graciously is to act as if where you’ve ended up is where you’d meant to go all along. But I was too agog at where I’d ended up to even pretend to be gracious. My mouth fell open.

Blog Photo - Bond Head Whtie fence and flowers

In no time at all, I’d gone from modern streets and brand-new neighborhoods to this old country road and a feeling that I’d time-traveled into the 1800’s. Beautiful old houses flanked both sides of the road.

Blog Photo - Bond Head White House1

And I knew, without being told, that some of these homes had belonged to certain local families for generations. It was that kind of place.

Blog Photo - Bond head grey hosue between trees

Most were surrounded by expansive grounds with big old trees…

Blog Photo - Bond Head Grey House and Lawn

Sweeping lawns and glorious gardens.

Blog Photo - Bond Head GRey House 3

On the lake…

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7 thoughts on “Lost Without a Clue: Pt 1 – The Ebor House Story

  1. Thank you for this delightful and informative story, Cynthia. I have enjoyed all of the parts as well as the beautiful photos. Like others you have spoken to, I trust you will continue to “get lost”! Best wishes and good writing!

    Liked by 1 person


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