Storytelling Conflict: A Broader View – by Jami Gold…

In my last post here as well as in my latest guest post for Writers Helping Writers, we talked about whether every story needs conflict. As I shared in those posts, the assumptions we make about conflict don’t apply to every story, especially if we’re looking at other story structures from our usual, such as those outside Western storytelling.

Some commenters disagreed with my insights into how stories with different structures might take a different approach to conflict (and that’s okay!). Many of us struggle to understand how stories without “normal” conflict wouldn’t be boring. *smile*

None of what I talked about is meant to say that our default storytelling is “wrong.” Obviously, our usual approach works for most stories!

But it doesn’t work for every story, and in fact, our assumptions about low-or-no conflict stories can also hold us back as storytellers with standard conflict-filled stories too. So I want to dig deeper into the idea of taking “a different approach to conflict” and how it might help us with any type of story.

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