5 Ways to Fix Too-Perfect Characters – by Janice Hardy…

on Fiction University:

We all dream about that “perfect person,” but in fiction, perfect people make for bad novels.

Writing has a certain level of wish-fulfillment to it. We envision characters with traits we admire, develop relationships we dream we could experience, and brutally dispose of people who picked on us in high school (maybe that’s me?).
But sometimes in our strive for perfection, we go a tad overboard and create characters we’d probably hate if we met them in real life.
Because they’re perfect. They have it all—looks, talent, life fulfillment, their friends all love them and they never have to struggle to get through the day. Even if that day requires facing off against a serial killer, a boardroom of CEOs, or a dark wizard with some serious family issues.
Since stories are about flawed people trying to fill a need while struggling to overcome obstacles, you can see where perfection would be a problem.

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