Guest Posts: Devising a Guest Blogging Strategy—The Do’s and Don’ts – by Dave Brown…

on Digital Pubbing:

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to divert traffic to your online business. Not only does it bring traffic from a wider range of audiences, it also imbues your site with authority. That’s something Google loves. Not only will that help you rank better, but also help get repeated traffic and gain customer loyalty.

However, you need to have a guest blogging strategy if you are to get a large ROI for your hard work. Without a strategy, you won’t get the results you desire. This involves using best practices and avoiding rookie mistakes. So here is the ultimate guide to devising a guest blogging strategy.


  • Determine Guest Blogging Goals
  • Find the Right Sites to Guest Blog For
    • The Best Sources for Guest Blogging Opportunities
    • Keep a Lookout for Guest Blogging Opportunities
  • Write Stellar Content
    • Use Beautiful Images
    • Write on Relevant Topics
  • Don’t Forget to Connect with the Site Owner
  • Promote Your Content
    • The Site Owner Will Be Happy with Increased Traffic
  • Craft a Stellar Guest Bio
  • Plan Out Your Posting Schedule

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