The Problems of a Rural Landlord.

Elsin uses her head(s) to get good reviews for her new book 😱

Tallis Steelyard

Elsin Fairdragan is an essayist. Now I confess that I have been quoted as saying harsh things about essayists. Indeed the phrase ‘over-entitled self-proclaimed geniuses’ may well have been credited to me. Still, Elsin is most definitely not in that category. Whilst she is an essayist, she concentrates as much on her craft as a writer as she does on the message of her essay. So her work can be read aloud to advantage, she has a mastery of cadence and rhythm which means her prose verges delightfully upon poetry.

Her husband, Marton, is a pleasant enough fellow who seems to regard his wife with considerable awe. He is a counting house clerk, makes a reasonable living but not so that they could afford staff ‘living in’. In contrast to his lady wife he sometimes gives the impression that stringing whole sentences together is a major task for him. Numbers…

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