NEW RELEASE: Princelings Revolution is out today!

The day has finally come for the last in Jemima Pett’s Princelings of the East series. She started writing it in the dim dark days of 2008, thanks to inspiration from some guinea pig friends. Today’s post has an extract and a Giveaway, so there’s a lot of reading!

In 2008 it was just a trilogy. But the characters wouldn’t accept their fate and demanded more. And so the saga of the Realms wound its way from south to north, and even into Germany before returning to the east.

  1. The Princelings of the East
  2. The Princelings and the Pirates
  3. The Princelings and the Lost City
  4. The Traveler in Black and White
  5. The Talent Seekers
  6. Bravo Victor
  7. Willoughby the Narrator
  8. The Princelings of the North
  9. Chronicles of Marsh
  10. …….

Princelings Revolution

Jasmine’s birthday party ends in disaster. George seems to have lost a phial of highly dangerous liquid. And King Fred is battling politics, relatives and self-seeking dignitaries in his aim to give the people a better way of living.

But can Fred keep the promise he made to an engaging chap from another time when he was just a princeling? Or will all their hopes fail?

Princelings Revolution medium

Jemima’s favourite quotes from the book

  • “Hector, in charge? Couldn’t lead a file of caterpillars, that one!”
  • The way Jasmine said it made Fred raise an eyebrow. It was exactly how Kira said it when she wanted to say something privately.
  • “The usual suspects are people we know. I reckon these are people we don’t know. And who don’t know us.”
  • “Oh.” George considered all the other uses he had found for it. This was not a good one. “It’s called duct tape,” he said.

About the series

Ten books take us from 2009 through to 2021, with a prequel at Book 4, explained from Lord Mariusz’s point of view. The feudal structure of the Realms, the changes wrought by new technology, largely promoted by Princeling George, Fred’s brother. The demise of paranormal creatures, thanks to George’s use of garlic in the fuel cells; the rise of an anti-monarchist group called the Causists, and the resilience of characters great and small, trying to keep their pleasant and friendly society together in the face of so-called freedom fighters. One simple book at a time creates a world of change that will be somewhat familiar to every reader on today’s uncertain planet.

Suitable for good readers 8 years and up, although some parental guidance may occasionally be needed. Generally listed as age 10 and up.

The first three books in the series are also available as:


About the author

author Jemima Pett

Jemima at Bloggers Bash 2018

Jemima Pett started writing stories when she was eight. By ten she was designing fantasy islands, complete with maps and railways timetables. There was no call for fantasy island designers then, so she took the science route through university and went into a business career, then retrained for environmental technology. Once in a policy research organisation she started writing again, reports, papers and briefings. She didn’t believe she could write fiction until her guinea pigs came along, and inspired her to write The Princelings of the East. Now she enjoys writing short stories and science fiction novels, and has been published by Third Flatiron Press, among others. She lives in Hampshire with Roscoe, Neville and Biggles, who all appear in Princelings Revolution.

Jemima is on:

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Jasmine uses her brain

The moon was out, and shining diagonally onto the underside of the hole. Shadows of branches made patterns on the earth.

She turned over, and banged a branch that had been sticking in her side. It bashed the side of their hole, and she heard a crumbling sound, then a thud, and earth cascaded over her body. She scrambled out from under it, calling out Liska’s name.

“What?” Liska said, drowsy with sleep.

“The cave’s falling in!”

Jasmine scraped the rest of the earth away, and felt open space where the earth wall had been. There was an odd smell coming up from the ground now. Old socks and mushrooms, maybe, she thought.

“I think it might lead somewhere. I’m going to crawl in.”

She vaguely heard Liska trying to stop her, but her head was already down the hole, which seemed to go over a ledge then drop down some more. Feeling above her, the roof of the tunnel just continued at more or less the same level.

She went a bit further, and slid down a steep earth slope to firm ground. “I think it’s a tunnel!” she called.

There was no light, but her eyes had become used to the gloom of their trap. She felt walls on either side, including the one connecting to the trap, but a sense of distance in both directions.

“I wonder if this is the old tunnel connecting Marsh with 7H,” she called. “Liska, we can follow it home!”

That brought Liska through the earth fall to the edge of the larger tunnel. “Really? You’re brilliant!” She tumbled down the earth slope and rolled onto her feet next to her friend.

“So which way do we go?”

“Er…” Jasmine had lost any sense of direction, and said so.

“Well, the earth slope was on the left side of the cave as we were sleeping, wasn’t it. I felt we were sort of facing the way we’d fallen in.”

“Oh, the moon! It was shining above our heads, because the light was casting shadows on the other side of the hole!” Jasmine sounded elated at having thought it through.

“So, this way is the direction of…the moon?”

“Yes, it must be. Roughly, at any rate. But then, that would be the way to the sea, unless we slept a very long time.”

“Maybe the moon wasn’t very high?”

Jasmine thought some more. “Well, even if it was late in the night, the moon would still be this side of the hole, so this is still the way home.”

“Let’s go then!”

Princelings Revolution © J M Pett 2020

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