Novel editing: How to fix a boring chapter

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I try to keep each weekly blog post relevant to my own writing journey. This week, I struggled through the heart crushing moment of realising one of your chapters is BORING. It’s tough to admit. I tried playing it down at first, but eventually I held up my hands. Because if the writer thinks it’s dull, imagine how uninteresting it’ll be for the reader. It took a lot of work, but I’m happy with it now. If you’ve stumbled across a boring scene in your work, here’s some tips to fix it.

Figure out what it’s lacking
Read through the chapter, and take notes. Figuring out what it’s lacking. Ask yourself questions, such as Is there a sense of place? Can I see the characters? and Does this chapter move the story forward? Perhaps the setting is too vague to create an atmosphere. Perhaps the characters are simply there…

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