100+ Statistics And Facts of The Internet

In case you wondered, thanks to Nicholas and Hostingclues team😎

See the infographic on Nicholas’ original blog post.

Nicholas C. Rossis

The team at Hostingclues has created an exhaustive snapshot of the state of the Internet today. It contains over a hundred facts and statistics to create an impressive Infographic. For anyone using the Internet, it makes for fascinating reading!

Key numbers

Some key data include:

  • Out of the 7.77 billion people in the world, around 4.54 billion have an active internet connection. This means around 58.4% of the world population has access to the internet.
  • The US has 293 million internet users.
  • In the US, almost all age demographics have internet access. However, the younger generation spends more time online.
  • 4.18 billion users access the internet from the mobile.
  • 61% of all Google searches are from a mobile device.
  • 92.07% of all search engine activity is on Google Search. However, 50.33% of all Google searches result in zero clicks.
  • In 2019, Google generated a revenue of $160.4 billion. $134.81 billion…

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