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K Morris - Poet

A close up of Trigger!

I have lost my dear old friend Trigger. My guide dog who brought so much joy into my life (and that of others), and who served me faithfully as my guide from 4 July 2011.

Trigger relaxing on the ground

Trigger became very unwell on the evening of Saturday 29 July. My mum, sister and I rushed him to the vets. Although Trigger received excellent treatment his condition deteriated. There was no chance of recovery and to avoid unnecessary suffering I took the heart breaking decision to have my dear old friend euthanised yesterday (Tuesday 1 September).

My mum and I spent some 20 minutes or so with Trigger prior to him being sent into that sleep from which none of us return. He circled us with a pilow case in his mouth, his tail wagging and died, peacefully with that same case in his…

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10 thoughts on “Trigger

  1. So sorry to read this Kevin. Coming to terms with the loss of our canine and feline friends is always difficult even though we know their lives will inevitably be shorter than ours. My dog is old and shaky now and I know we will have to part in the near future, but knowing this doesn’t make it easier.
    All best wishes, Felicity. .

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    • Thank you so much Felicity for your heartfelt kind words. I hope that when the moment of parting comes for you and your old friend, that his passing is a peaceful one, and I hope that he remains with you for as long as is possible (health permitting). But I know he will always live in your heart and memory, as Trigger does in mine. Very best wishes. Kevin

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  2. The short lives of our dogs is one of the things that has largely kept me from having one over the years. You really DO get very close to them emotionally, and to go through that loss ever ten years or so is just too much. I am surprised that they’ve never been able to breed dogs for longer lives. (Although I’m guessing that some breeds DO live somewhat longer than others naturally?)

    I wish you and your departed Trigger well!

    – Michael

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    • Many thanks for your very kind words, Michael. You are right that some breeds live longer than others. Often mixed breeds (mongrels) have longer lives as the more the genes of a dog are tampered with, the more prone to genetic problems they tend to be. Take, for example some breeds of bull dog where genetic modifications lead to breathing difficulties for the poor dog. Best wishes. Kevin

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