Writing Process: Developing a Coherent Story – by Jael R. Bakari…

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Intro by Jami:

There’s no shortage of options for our writing process, but some will work better for us than others. Or some might work better for us on certain stories, while not being as helpful for us with other stories.

So I’m a fan of “collecting” various techniques. That way when we struggle, we’ll know about different approaches that we can try.

Developing a Coherent Story:
Breaking Down the Process

By Jael R. Bakari

If you are anything like me (and I’m sure you are because you’re reading this), then you probably have done multiple revisions of stories, chapters, and scenes because you knew something was missing (or you kept getting rejected by agents—or ghosted), and you want to see exactly what the problem is. And being a creative, the natural response is to wallow with dramatic flair, before dusting yourself off to try again.

That, dear reader, is how this writing process was born.

For I, too, trek on the road to being published with thee and was honestly getting tired of having my ass handed to me.

But first—where did the idea for the process come from?

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