Up the Junction

A right carry on up the junction, complete with full commentary and LOTS of photos, on Ian’s original blog post – well worth visiting and reading 😂😂😂

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

This is not schadenfreude, this is not cocking a snook. This is simply reportage from a war zone. I have public entertainment moments all of my own, but since I’m at the keyboard I’m not going to tell you about those today. No, this is simply why, whenever possible, I travel outside of normal canal hours. This is why I am oft to be found holed up, busily uninteracting with the world. Unteracting? Is that a word? If not then it ought to be. I put a lot of effort into unteracting, and I am very good at it.

This is a small sample of a weekend Up The Junction – the Greek & Roman gawds alone know what it’s like on the Llangollen at the moment… 🙂

The Cardinal and I have been moored in a fascinating spot, close to the meeting twixt Shropshire Union and Middlewich…

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