Chapter Breaks & Titles: What Are Our Options? – by Jami Gold…

For all the blog posts and books about writing out in the world, there are comparatively few about chapters specifically. This can be surprising to new writers, as chapters form the backbone of our understanding of stories from our lifetime’s perspective as readers. *smile*

Recently, Laura Lesko emailed me with a great question about chapters:

“How does one come up with clever names for the chapters? I’ve seen some novels that are so clever in the way they allude to the story but have no clue how to do it– NOR do I know WHEN to end the story to create chapters.”

I’ve written only one story with chapter titles (and I don’t know yet if I’ll keep them when I publish it), so I’m far from an expert. But let’s see if we can come up with some helpful suggestions for how to structure chapters and ideas for how to name them.

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One thought on “Chapter Breaks & Titles: What Are Our Options? – by Jami Gold…

  1. I am looking forward to reading it. I have read some other books by her and enjoy them. I have been disappointed that she has not continued one of the stories. I don’t remember the names. My short term memory is disappearing.

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