Advice from the sickbed of the 1830s BRIGHTON HOUSEKEEPER AND AGONY AUNT

Something a little different, from Bridget 😃


Mrs Finnegan, the Celebrated Authority in affairs of the HEART and HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT, is feeling much better thank you very much and is now able to answer all letters IN FULL. She hopes to undertake light duties at The Regency Town Housein the BY AND BY.

I’ve been touched by the flurry, no! by the FLOOD of kind messages and remedies sent by well-wishers. Here are just a few picked from the torrent.

SUE P wrote with GREAT kindness
Oh such a to-do…..what a horrible experience….poor Finnegan. I trust your cold and chilblains will soon be better…and that the servants are allowed back very soon!
JEAN M had MUCH good advice
I am horrified to hear of your recent predicament with the sea and the outcome. I trust you have made yourself a mustard bath to soak your feet, wrapped goose fat about your chest and have your head bent…

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