Sleigh ride?

S’no joke being an orphan, thank goodness for Maljie and her sister, Margarita 🤗

Tallis Steelyard

Sleigh ride

The events chronicled in this story happened some time ago. Thus the people mentioned were, by definition, younger and perhaps more prone to impulsive acts. I hope you will keep this in mind. This is perhaps not the place to be too judgemental.

It appears that in Port Naain there was something of a scandal about various orphanages.  Not to put too fine a point on it, the orphanages were being run as commercial concerns with the proprietors demanding money (occasionally with menaces) from passers-by and those of a charitable disposition. This, they claimed, was to support their orphans. It was finally decided that a committee of the Council of Sinecurists should investigate. This committee concluded that at some orphanages for every ten vintenars donated, one vintenar was spent on the orphans and the remaining nine went to pay the honorarium of the person running the business.

Deciding that this…

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