7 Tips to Writing Underdog Heroes

More excellent tips from, Charles 👍😃

Legends of Windemere

Everyone loves an underdog.  At least that’s what people say.  These aren’t as easy to write as one would think.  You have a lot to consider and a delicate balance to maintain for the adventure.  What are some ways to make sure that happens?

  1. Know the definition of an underdog.  That means the hero is considered to have little or no chance of success.  It doesn’t mean that they are the strongest character in the story, but have a long walk ahead of them.  They need to be at a level below whatever they are facing to be a real underdog.
  2. The title doesn’t remain indefinitely.  Yes, I’m using two tips to drive this point home because people don’t get it.  An underdog can become powerful enough to be a real contender.  As soon as he or she wins, he is no longer an underdog as well.  The best example…

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