4 Reasons To Listen To Your Own Book

Great advice from Kate 👍

K.M. Allan

By the time you’re at the tail-end of the writing process, you are so sick of your words you’ll do anything to not read them again.

This usually happens right around the time you have to read them, though, because you’re getting your MS ready to query or publish. But instead of begrudgingly wading through your words and risking mistakes, I suggest you try one of my favorite editing tricks, which is to listen to the words! Here’s why…

4 Reasons To Listen To Your Own Book

1) It Allows You To Pick Up Errors

Other than being a fresh way to check your work, listening to your book helps you to pick up typos and missing words your eyes just gloss over. When you’ve read a sentence a million times, your brain knows what should be there, and that’s what your lying eyes will show you.


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