Does Your Novel Confuse Readers with “Too Many” Characters? 8 Ways to Unconfuse Them – by Anne R. Allen…

One of my personal writing issues is I tend to pack my books and stories with way too many characters. If a fascinating person walks into one of my stories, I feel it would be rude not to let them join the party. I suppose my inner Manners Doctor takes over. 🙂

This drives my editors batty. They think confusing the reader is worse than being rude to fictional people. And of course they’re right. They usually tell me I need to consolidate minor characters or eliminate them altogether. Someone even told me there’s a “rule” that a novel should have seven characters or less.

I’ve always been annoyed by all this. But this week I saw a thread in a readers’ Facebook group that helped me see the reader’s point of view.

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11 thoughts on “Does Your Novel Confuse Readers with “Too Many” Characters? 8 Ways to Unconfuse Them – by Anne R. Allen…

  1. I have lots of characters in my Science Fiction Series, but the theme is ‘building community’ so it is hard not to weave them all into the stories … I kill characters off, but that backfires because they keep cropping up in the story. I agree that a list of characters can help the reader and it is an opportunity to add some bits of character detail that have no place in the main story.

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  2. lol I have to admit I am a bit of a character hoarder. I seem to always have a large cast of characters and I blame it on the fact I write trilogies and series’ but it’s important to keep your reader from getting muddled. Great article!

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  3. Reblogged this on Darswords and commented:
    As a creator of the Havenverse (about 16 books now–none published), I needed this and will refer back often as I write and edit. Take the time to read the continuation on Super helpful!

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